Kinsey has been in the industry for 20 years. She loves grooming a wide variety of breeds, but she'll always have a soft spot for the rough and tumble attitudes of the terriers! She & her wife have two pups and 5 rats that their entire world revolve around! Gus is a Bull Terrier and Quincey is an Antolian Shepherd Mix. Kinsey is a foodie and coffee connoisseur. 

Kinsey's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Giant Schnauzer, Cairn Terrier and Scottish Deerhound.



Kayla is our Jack of all Wags at Simon & Halle's. Some of her favorite parts of her job are planning all of the Camp Day activities for DayPlay and getting to know each and every pet parent. Kayla and her husband Anthony love to spend all of their free time chasing their kids  Kennison & Koe. Kayla is owned by 2 Frenchies & a Blue Heeler. She is a book addict and iced coffee fanatic.

Kayla's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Irish Wolfhound, Corded Puli, and French Bulldog. 


Melissa has been in the grooming industry for 17 years. She prides herself on continuing her education at seminars and trade shows as new techniques constantly evolve. You will often see Melissa exploring the outdoors with her husband and their 2 standard poodles named Cammy & Pearl. They love to go camping, hike through trails and bike on the weekends. Her favorite way to unwind is to lounge in her hammock with a good book. 

Her top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and Cavalier King Charles. 



The man, the myth, the legend! Simon is a Chihuahua. He enjoys long naps and sun bathing. His favorite past time is being cuddled up in a blanket on the couch with his humans! 

Nicole M.


Sabrina loves taking long walks with Willow her Rottweiler x Pitt Mix. She enjoys exploring new cities and hanging out with friends. Sabrina loves Camp Days and snuggling with each pup that walks through our doors! 

Sabrina's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Great Dane, Golden Retriever and every single mutt!

Operations Manager


Nichole has been in the grooming industry for 20 years. Nichole has two children that are her entire world. Her summer is spent on the lake and camping.  She enjoys anything outdoors and spending time with family and friends. It's a rare occurrence to see Nichole without Ella (French Bulldog) by her side. Fisher is a chocolate lab that loves water, livestock, hunting and his Frenchie besties. Last but not least, our namesake Simon!

This business is Nichole’s dream. She has the passion and love for animals that will ensure Simon & Halle’s is a fun and safe environment. She only works with professionals of the highest caliber because she truly wants every animal in her care to have the absolute best treatment possible.

Her top 3 breeds of all time are French Bulldog, Smooth Coated Brussels Griffon, and Golden Retriever.

Owner & Groomer

Alexis has been in the grooming industry for 9 years and loves to see each pups transformations. Working with dogs always puts a smile on her face. She spends her free time enjoying all things outdoors and traveling. Alexis has 2 pups named Chance & Wrecker who love to take her swimming and on hikes!  

Alexis' top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Bernese Mountain Dog, Dobermans and Golden Retrievers.  



DayPlay Attendant
Boarding Attendant

Suzy's favorite part about working at Simon & Halle's is getting to know all different types of dogs and their personalities. She loves to play with them and get them extra tired before they head home! Suzy has a whole farm at home with 4 crazy dogs and 3 cats! 

Suzy's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs and Labrador Retrievers. 

Jasmine spends her free time listening to music and spending time with her boyfriend. Jasmine loves her cat named Banjo! Jasmine's favorite part of being a team member is the fun & playful atmosphere with the animals and coworkers. 

Jasmine's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Bernese Mountain Dog, Dachshund, and Golden Retrievers. 


Morgan has a passion for all animals, she especially loves her dog Mocha! Morgan looks forward to her daily dose of dog kisses and cuddles she receives!

Morgan's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Saint Bernard, Pug, and Boxer.


Megan has spent her life around animals and worked from fostering to volunteering at shelters. She is dedicated to ensuring all animals get the opportunity to have long, happy lives, Working at Simon & Halle's allows her to interact with many different breeds and personalities, which ensures everyday is different from the last! Her dog Zola is always by her side. They are often out hiking, swimming or just enjoying a good book in the shade. 

Megan's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Shelter Mutts (of course!), Whippets and Newfoundlands. 

Nicole has been grooming for 2 years and loves to continue to grow her knowledge of all things grooming!  Nicole's favorite service is the Puppy Trim! She loves meeting new puppies and preparing them for a lifetime of grooming. 
Nicole's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Poodles, Doberman, and all Doodles. 


Groomer in Training

DayPlay Attendant
Boarding Attendant



Makayla is currently attending groom school and working alongside our groomers as she goes! She enjoys giving each dog that lands on her table a cute look while learning their personalities.  She owns Oaklyn (Chocolate Labrador), Sven (horse) and Derek Morgan and Stitch (cats).
Makayla's top 3 favorite breeds of all time are Beauceron, Swedish Vallhund, and good ole shelter mutts. 

DayPlay Attendant
Boarding Attendant


DayPlay Attendant
Boarding Attendant

DayPlay Attendant
Boarding Attendant

DayPlay Attendant
Boarding Attendant

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